READINGS FOR MARCH - of Numerology in the Construction of'Pierrot lunaire'” PDF 10 David Metzer “The New York Reception of ‘Pierrot

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MODERNISM MARCH 24 1. *Albright, “Neoclassicism and the New Objectivity,” 276-280 2. *Kurt Weill, “Shifts in Musical Composition “ (1927) and “Opera—Where To?” (1929), Albright, 116-123. 3. *Alban Berg, “The ‘Problem of Opera’” (1928), Albright, 123-126. 4. *Igor Stravinsky and Robert Craft, from Dialogues (1968) and Arnold Schoenberg, from Three Satires , Albright, 286-288; 289-290. 5. Clement Greenberg, “Necessity of "Formalism" PDF 6. Glenn Watkins, “Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire ” PDF, ALL 7. Martha M. Hyde and Schoenberg, “Musical Form and the Development of Schoenberg's ‘Twelve-Tone Method’” PDF 8. Peter Stadlen, “Schoenberg's Speech-Song,” PDF, ALL 9. Colin C. Sterne, “Pythagoras and Pierrot: An Approach to Schoenberg's Use
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Unformatted text preview: of Numerology in the Construction of 'Pierrot lunaire'” PDF 10. David Metzer, “The New York Reception of ‘Pierrot lunaire’: The 1923 Premiere and Its Aftermath” PDF 11. Glenn Watkins, “Berg: Wozzeck…” PDF, ALL 12. Willi Reich, “A Guide to "Wozzeck"” PDF 13. Alan Forte, “Tonality, Symbol, and Structural Levels in Berg's ‘Wozzeck’” PDF 14. Joseph Kerman, “Terror and Self-Pity: Alban Berg's ‘Wozzeck’” PDF MUSIC (all PDF) 1. Arnold Schoenberg, Pierrot Lunaire , Op. 21: “Nacht,” “Enthauptung” (1912) 2. Arnold Schoenberg, Piano Suite Op. 25: Prelude, Minuet and Trio (1921-23) 3. Alban Berg, Wozzeck : Act III, Scene 3 (1917-22)...
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