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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work Research Sequence ScWk 240, Sections 8 and 9 Fall 2008 Written Assignment #2 ( Due at the start of class, 10/24/08) Please write in no more than 7 pages total: *** The title page and reference pages ARE NOT included in the page limit 1) Your REVISED introduction including the appropriate components. Note that you should move your hypothesis and/or research question formulated in the first assignment to the end of the literature review. 2) Your literature review which includes: a. Background – A more detailed discussion of your population and the issue you are addressing in the context of this group. b. Theory – Identifying and explaining a specific theory, and exactly how it provides a foundation and explanation of the issue and factors you are studying. c. “Body” Sections – Major subsections usually organized according to your model. Each subsection explains with evidence (i.e., an integrated review of relevant literature) the connection between the independent and dependent variable consistent with your hypothesis and/or how the themes relate to your research question. These “body” sections also discuss in an integrated fashion the current status of the specific topic in the professional knowledge base, limitations of previous studies related to your specific topic, and how your proposed study will make a contribution. d. Hypothesis(es) and Research Question(s) - These are moved from the introduction you wrote in Written Assignment #1 to the end of the literature review. 3) Minimum 15 references. Although a majority of references are cited in the literature review, the introduction usually contains references as well. Tips and Suggestions: ± Consider organizing your paper and its literature review by first developing an outline. ± Please read your syllabus and other class materials for more information and tips about how to write your literature review. ± Refer to your reader and textbook literature review examples written in academic style. ± Examples of 298 papers, including literature reviews, can be accessed through the Social Work office; please ask Ms. Stella Lugo at the front desk. Some will be placed on-line in the near future. Grading: 20% of your final grade and follow-up assessment of writing This assignment is REQUIRED. The spirit of the assignment is to guide you towards the next step in completing a research proposal with additional opportunities to receive feedback and to develop your ideas. Please see the attached grading rubric for Written Assignment #2. This assignment also serves as the next evaluation of your writing, but the official determination of writing competency is Written Assignment #3.
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Paper Components and Format: Please submit all assignments in APA format. Regard Written Assignment #2 as the rewrite of your introduction and the first draft of your literature review. Imagine how this paper fits into a complete research proposal. Items asterisked and in
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240_Written_Assignment_2 - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY School...

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