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Dr. Soo Choi Anth 146 Midterm Essay 1 10/11/08 The Causes of Ethnic Conflicts Just imagine for one second you were having a dispute with your family members. The closest groups of people whom you are to associate with are experiencing dilemmas; it happens. Now we can improve our understanding of how people from a single culture conflict with others in their culture. In fact, the conflicts are immense with respect to a nation’s population. For ages, anthropologists have studied how various nations would conflict within themselves. There has never been any specific answer, but there is much to learn from the examples of history. First, I will begin by discussing some of the theories of anthropology. Next, I will provide three examples of ethnic conflicts with insight. In accordance to my examples, I will describe much of the underlying cause of such conflicts. Anthropologies have long studied humans in a group, as well as human interactions with other groups. Anthropologists have came up with several theories as to why ethnic groups conflict with one another. The first is the functional theory which has to deal with how the state must act and prioritize for its own well-being. The theory was proposed by Talcott Parson with regards to what a nation must do, as far as tasks, to function accordingly and continue to progress. Another theory proposed by Karl Marx is the concept of political economy. Political economy refers to the lives of a nation’s citizens. It is important that the citizens are living peaceful lives with all wheels in motion. The real dilemma derives from whether they are able to provide for their families. It also has to do with whether or not the citizens are being treated as equals, and
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if they are being well represented by their state legislature. The third theory is the socio- biology theory attributed to the studies of Jansen. The theory implies that people within their own society have issues with others in their culture because of their blood. For some reasons, people may not like to accept those who migrated or whose descendants were from another country. Racial segregating is also closely related to the socio-biology theory. My first example assessed has to do with the indigenous people of Chiapas. Chiapas is the southern most state of Mexico where most of its citizens are from Maya descent. Most importantly, the state suffered when they did not receive their land which they previously owned following the revolt. Instead they were constantly being pushed around and their wishes were never granted. The Mayans of Chiapas feel betrayed by the rest of Mexican states, because after the Mexican revolution in the early 1900s, the land
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MT essay 2 - Dr. Soo Choi Anth 146 Midterm Essay 1 10/11/08...

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