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DEMONSTRATION SPEECH EVALUATION FORM Speech Element Rating Comments Content E___VG___G___NI___P Topic meets requirements Topic sufficiently narrowed Organization Introduction Introduces topic Attempts to be creative Includes all 3 parts of the introduction Body Main Points clearly stated Appropriate overall pattern Sufficient use of and variety of examples and definitions Transitions Logical relationships Internal summaries and previews Conclusion Brief summary of speech Attempts to be creative Includes all 3 parts of the Conclusion Content Development Points clearly developed Defined terms as needed Sources effectively cited Effective visuals
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DELIVERY E___VG___G___NI___P Extemporaneous delivery Use of note cards Vocal delivery Sufficient volume Appropriate rate Included vocal variety Physical delivery Poised and confident Gestures/Eye contact Avoids distracting mannerisms
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Unformatted text preview: Use of visual aids OUTLINE E VG G NI P Topic, Pattern, Purpose, Outcome are clearly stated Single declarative Thesis Statement Main Points Single declarative sentences Mutually exclusive Support thesis Format Typed and carefully proof-read Correct use of symbols and indentation No more than one sentence per symbol At least 2 points at each level of subordination (if applicable) 3 Parts of Introduction/Conclusion labeled Transitions labeled References Sources cited in text of outline Appropriate citation format in APA Appropriate number of sources (N/A due to furloughs) Appropriate Reference Page SPEECH GRADE Content 45 Delivery 15 Outline 15 TOTAL POINTS 75 Note: Due to furlough cuts, References and Citations are NOT required for this particular assignment for Spring 2010 semester....
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