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JWSS 96fq— Angels in America Professor Harrison Research essay Three pages typed, 12 pt font, double spaced Dates: Sept 29 annotated bibliography of essay’s five resources due Oct 6 complete draft of research essay due for peer editing Oct 13 research essay due in class Your research essay should be your examination of any of the areas--socio/cultural, historical, physiological, or psychological—that offer a context to the play Angels in America. Even though your topic is factually based, I am still expecting your essay to have a thesis--a claim about the topic that guides your essay. And I’m expecting it to have a clear and manageable focus. These are three-page essays, not term projects. For ex. Although far too many people have died in the AIDS epidemic since it was first discovered in the early 1980s, scientists are now beginning to understand enough about the disease to stem its continued spread. or For sixty years the Rosenbergs’ sons have maintained their parents’ innocence; evidence
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