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Comm 191 A Syllabus Priority Registration The University provides competitors with advanced registration. This is for the sole purpose of keeping Fridays open for travel and coaching times on T & TH open from 3-5:30. If you take advantage of advanced registration and don't allow anytime for coaching or travel without prior permission from the Director of Forensics, you will be removed from the team. Course Overview COMM 191A: DEBATE The focus of 191A is intercollegiate competition in Parliamentary debate. 191A fulfills elective units and may also be applied by Communication Studies majors, toward your persuasive speaking requirement. You may take the class for 1, 2, or 3 units. The number of units you take should reflect the commitment you wish to make to the activity. Generally you will earn a unit of credit for each tournament competition. Your obligations for this class include: research, case/argument construction, practice debates, and participation in tournaments. Research
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