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San Jose State University Social Work 204: Social Policy Analysis Instructor: Amy D’Andrade Spring 2010 GUIDELINES – Policy Analysis Assignment Part 3: APPLYING ANALYTIC CRITERIA In this section of the paper, you are to analyze the policy described in Section 2 by applying analytic criteria to policy elements. The paper should consist of the following parts: Description of Analytic Criteria The first step is to identify and describe the analytic criteria (a minimum of 2 criteria) that you will use to analyze the policy. Use at least one of the basic criteria (efficiency, adequacy, or equity), and one other criterion of your choice, as discussed in class. Why were these criteria selected? Justify your choice of criteria. (LENGTH: About 1 page) Application of Analytic Criteria In this section you will apply your selected criteria to the policy. Each criteria need not be applied to all the elements of the policy (goals, benefits, eligibility, administration, finance), but each criteria must be applied to at least one specific element. This part should make up the bulk
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