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BASIC STEPS OF SPEECH PREPARATION Giving your first speech requires having a general sense of the speechmaking process as well as ideas for managing speech anxiety. In addition, you need specific skills for putting your ideas into the form of a speech. To transform knowledge and attitude into a skillful perfonilance, let us proceed by example and by principle. Read the following sample of a first classroom speech given in a basic public-speaking course. Next, consider the subse- quent six preparation steps that provide an overview of how to put together your speech. STEPS OF SPEECH PREPARATION Now that you have read Monica Haller's first speech, consider how you should prepare your own. Your first speech may require you to introduce yourself, to relate an experience, or to state an opinion. In any case, what you need is a road map of steps leading to a fin- ished speech. TIle process of speech preparation may be organized into six steps: (J) de- velop the purpose, (2) analyze the audience, (3) develop the thesis, (4) investigate the sub- ject, (5) structure the message, and (6) ready the message for oral presentation. To help you get more information where necessary, each step includes appropriate references to later chapters. 'SAMRLE~~EECfr •. "•. -,:~.-,., ..••"".\-.-"""'j•. :,,;,. ..?~ How I Survived "The All-New Dating Game" by Monica L. Haller 56 "Wanted, irresistible singles to win exciting trips to places like Jamaica, the Bahamas, Switzerland." Interested? Who wouldn't be? There was just one catch, though. You had to be a contestant on "The All-New Dating Game." I know, I was hesitant too at first when Iwas recruited last June at a Universal Studio tour. But the thought of sip- ping tropical drinks on an exotic isle with a hunk in tight shorts was too irresistible to pass up. So I signed up. Actually, I thought, how hard could it be to get on a game show. Huh. But take it from a veteran-the real game begins behind the camera. There are three character- istics a contestant hopeful must possess in order to get on a game show. Icall them the Three /'\s: appearance, attitude, and ability. In the category of appearance, the Dating Game interviewers in particular were looking for individuals who are sexy, innocent and sweet; sort of a Gidget with silicon implants. This category took a little more effort. So, two beauty parlor appointments, a bottle of fake tanning lotion, and fasting for four days later, and Iwas Hollywood bound. Iwalked into the studio starring not only a new appearance, but also a new attitude as well. I was energetic, enthusiastic-instantly larger than life. Sort of like a Disneyland tour guide with pom-poms. Iwalked in to greet the producers and yelled, "Hi, I'm Monica Hallerfrom sunny Mission Vieio, California." I smiled so much it hurt. The final clincher was the category of ability. Now in the Dat- ing Game it's not the ability to spew out trivial facts or spell multisyllabic words, but ratherthe ability to lie-and lie with conviction. This category Iexcelled in.llied about
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