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Extra Credit Phil 61 2010

Extra Credit Phil 61 2010 - of the money or of the promise...

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Extra Credit/Philosophy 61/2010 0 or 8 points; Instructor decision MLA format; essay Please argue what is the right thing to do using a Utilitarian or Kantian position. Remember to offer at least 2 premises and base your premises on either theory. “Suppose a dying woman has asked you to promise to send the $25,000 under her bed to her nephew in another part of the country. The woman dies without anyone else knowing
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Unformatted text preview: of the money or of the promise that you made. Now suppose too, that you know the nephew is a spendthrift and a drunkard and, were the money delivered to him, it would be wasted in a week of outrageous partying. On the other hand, a very fine orphanage in your town needs such a sum to improve and expand its recreational facilities, something that would provide happiness to many children for years to come.”...
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