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What’s wrong with this picture? Instructions Find the errors and problems in this interview protocol. The errors may concern instructions or scripts, validity of the questions, and issues related to asking the right questions in the right way. Hello. My name is Dr. Knowitall, and I’m conducting research about your experiences with services you received at the We Are Nice Agency (WANA). This interview won’t last too long. We’d really like your help. I received your name from your case manager, who will be very interested to know what you say about the agency. Your information will be kept confidential. Your participation is completely voluntary and you can withdraw from the study at any time. There are no known risks for your participation, nor are there any direct benefits. If you have any questions about this research you may contact the Project Director Dr. Knowevenmore at ________. Then with your permission I will begin the interview. 1.
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week_1_whats_wrong_with_this_picture - What's wrong with...

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