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TOPICS FOR ARGUMENTATION AND DEBATE All topics need to be cleared by me before proceeding with any assignment. The following are suggestions, or you can conference with me regarding your own topic. The following are topics I will NOT approve (because these issues have been overly debated—probably while you were in high school—and thus too easy, and too generalized): abortion, legalization of marijuana, drug legalization, prostitution legalization, capital punishment, dangers of smoking, drinking and driving. Environmental Issues Global warming Alternative energy sources Conservation Geothermal power Oil, solar power, natural gas, wind, water, hydrogen, coal, water Energy from plants and animals Rain forests Nuclear and toxic waste Managing America’s forests Responding to natural disasters Coral reef endangerment Oil drilling in Alaska Social Issues Parental consent laws for abortions for minors RU pill Partial-birth abortion Gay couples and adoption Gay rights Human embryo experimentation
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