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The exam will contain a subset of the questions below. Many of these are “show how much you have learned” type questions, others do have particular answers. Because I am essentially giving you the exam questions before the exam, the written midterm on Monday will be closed notes and closed book! Have fun! Biochemistry related questions. 1. How many kinds of bonds can carbon make with other atoms? Why is this biologically significant? what is the term in chemistry for the number of bonds an element typically makes? (Hint: this word is etymologically linked to the word "valiant," because it describes how strong an element is in bravely conquering the puny hydrogen atom; never mind that it's not a fair fight. ..) 2. Give one reason why silicon is often considered as a possible basis for life instead of carbon. Then, give one reason (or more!) why silicon is less likely than carbon to play such a role. 3. Discuss some properties of water that make it an unusual and special chemical, and which make it so important for life. 4. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Below is a picture of the structure of an amino acid. Briefly discuss the properties of the functional groups of the molecule (labeled below), including the R group (hint: how do they behave in water?). Give a description (or draw a diagram) of how amino acids are joined to form peptide bonds. Keep in mind the role of the water molecule in the process of making proteins.
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midterm_questions - OK here are some questions for you to...

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