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Your name______________________ Paper’s author______________________ As your read each paper, please comment on the following points: What do you believe the paper’s thesis, main point or argument is? After reading the paper, do you agree or disagree with the paper’s main point? Why? Is evidence, data, or information from scholarly sources used to help develop or explain the paper’s argument? How credible, reliable or objective do you believe the author’s sources are? Does the paper recognize opposing viewpoints? If so, does the paper fairly address criticisms of the paper’s argument or main point? Does the paper attempt to inform you about a topic, persuade you to accept a particular point of view
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Unformatted text preview: about a topic, or both? With success? Why or why not? Did the author take care to write correctly? Were there misspelled words, sentence fragments, unclear sentences, poorly developed paragraphs? Did the author sufficiently cite sources? Was a bibliography and/or works cited page included? Is there a title that helped you understand what the paper’s basic idea was? Overall, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the paper? Out of 50 points, what grade would you assign this paper with 50 = 100%, 45 = 90%, 40 = 80%, etc.?...
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