poetry assignments - wild, and don’t worry if you deviate...

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Poem of Identity due 4/19 The term “identity is used very loosely here. You can write a poem in which you describe yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually (our recent in- class writing prompt, “Who are you?” might be helpful with starting this). You may also write about your origins, the city you live in now, or a place you lived in the past. It can be a poem about family a family member who inspired or influenced you, a family member or other loved one who is currently in your life, or is absent now. Use descriptive language, including simile and metaphor, and don’t hesitate to be wildly creative, even off-topic. Narrative Poem due 4/26 Here is your opportunity to create a narrator, or write a poem in the voice of a relative, friend, enemy, or historical figure (departed or still on this plane of existence). You can re-tell a fairty tale or myth in a creative way, or narrate a memory from your own life. Again, be descriptive, let your imagination run
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Unformatted text preview: wild, and don’t worry if you deviate from the topic. Let the poem lead you where it wants to go. Descriptive poem — due 5/3 A poem in which you describe anything that strikes your fancy, from any source: the natural world, food, music, art, sports, things that might be considered “ugly” by some or unnatractive, any person, place, or thing, including emotions, using strong descriptive language, simile, metaphor, allusion, etc. Poem in a style or subject of your choice — due 5/10 Any form , style, or subject you like, All poems must be uploaded to turnitin by the day they are due in class. At least 2 of the poems must be unrhymed. I will be grading the poems on a points basis from 0-10 (similar to the notebook assignments, then averaging the points for a final overall poetry grade. Please have fun and feel free to experiment, play, and stretch your imagination and skills with these!!...
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poetry assignments - wild, and don’t worry if you deviate...

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