TREATMENT and functional change interventions list

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TR TREATMENT INTERVENTIONS FOR FUNCTIONAL CHANGE 1. Relaxation Techniques – N/A guided meditation, guided imagery, breathing N/A 2. Empowerment exercise Amanda 3. Anger expression - 4. Adventure therapy/experiential interventions - Trust 5. Adventure therapy/experiential interventions – Asking for Help 6. Adventure therapy/experiential interventions – other 7. Art Therapy 8. Music Therapy - Drumming Mike 9. Dance/movement therapy Allison 10. Board games (cognitive, fine motor, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Tai Chi or yoga 12. Cognitive stimulation games Newton 13. Sensory stimulation – Aromatherapy 14. Horticulture therapy 15. Indigenous healing techniques (Inka) 16. Nintendo Wii 17. Cognitive retraining - aging Caroline 18. Experiential therapy Ralph 19. Re-motivation, reminiscence - aging 20. Drama therapy 21. Interventions for people with Dementia 22. Expansion technique 23. Other: VISIT my office and get another cool topic...
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