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Consumer Nutrition: Dietary Supplements and Health What are dietary supplements? 0. a dietary supplement is a food product, added to the total diet, that contains at least one of the following ingredients. 1. Vitamin 2. Mineral 3. Herb or botanical 4. Amino acid 5. Metabolite 6. Constituent 7. Extract 8. Combination of any of these ingredients 0. DSHEA Supplement Health Claims 0. Cannot claim to treat, prevent or cure a disease 1. Can make structure & function claims on label 9. helps maintain healthy chol levels 10. supports your immune system 11. Enhances energy 12. Supports testosterone production 2. Burden of proof: 13. Supplements: ephedra 14. Medications: Vioxx/Celebrex Unsupported claims are being made in ads & on labels all the time because they do not need FDA approval!!! Will dietary supplements improve my health? ADA Position 3. “the best nutritional strategy for promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic disease is to wisely choose a wide variety of foods” 4. Supps may help some meet nutrition needs 5. Essential nutrients and phytochemicals are readily available in fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, grains, dairy, nuts, seeds. Will dietary supplements improve my health? 6. Most herbals not adequately researched 7. Burden of proof is on the FDA 8. Improvements in labeling expected in 2010 Can dietary supplements harm my health?
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