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Research Proposal - when the supply goes “dry” during...

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Liem Tran AMS 1B – Research Proposal Prof. Ormsbee April 6 th , 2010 I would like to explore the effect of the Prohibition Movement, during the early twentieth century, in relation to the music produced during the time. The primary source documents to help me explore the effect will be attained from The Brown University Library Center for Digital Initiatives collection; Alcohol, Temperance, and Prohibition, http://dl.lib.brown.edu/temperance/ . I would like to explain why the culture had a need for alcohol and what happened to the culture
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Unformatted text preview: when the supply goes “dry” during the Prohibition Movement and why it impacted the culture. The PSDs which I will use are seven songs which were produced around the early nineteenth century and are related to the effect of the movement. I think this topic is important to explore because the movement must have had a large impact on society for the culture to be producing a vast amount of music in relation to the movement....
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