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Peer Evaluation Sheet for English 1A Evaluator’s Name __________________________________ Author’s Name ____________________________________ Content and Logic (40 percent): In your own words, describe the subject matter of this essay. What skill or activity did the author learn? What did he/she learn from the process of learning this skill/activity? What is your overall impression of this essay? What part of it is strongest? What part could use more work? Please be specific: Structure (25 percent): Do paragraphs have topic sentences? ___ If not, identity which paragraph need topic sentences: Do the sentences in each paragraph support the main idea as expressed in the topic sentence? ___ If not, identify which paragraphs need to be improved:
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Unformatted text preview: Overall organization: Does the essay have a clear pattern of organization (e.g., five paragraph structure, chronological order, etc.). Describe the essay’s organizational pattern: Language (25 percent): Does the author frequently use active verbs? If so, cite one example where he/she does so; if not, cite one example where he/she uses passive or linking verbs instead of active ones? Are than any other grammar, spelling, or mechanical errors with this essay? If so, identify them with a page number and provide a brief description: Polished Presentation (10 percent): Is the essay formatted according to MLA guidelines? (See sample essay on page 659 of the Bedford Handbook): ___...
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