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________/10 Name____________________ Public Service Announcement You will write and creatively produce a 30 second Public Service Announcement (+/- :02 seconds). The PSA is an announcement regarding a non-profit organization, event or activity. Make sure you clearly identify the sponsor, and give a clear & direct ‘call to action’. Your announcement must include voice over music. Produce your announcement in studio D or E and return it to me on CD in two weeks. Be sure to
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Unformatted text preview: include your name on the CD. Return this paper with your CD.---------------------------Writing: Is PSA clearly written for a non-profit?( 3) Sponsor & call to action (2) Production: 30 Seconds (1) Production Elements [V/O music] (1) Production Value [clear levels, low noise, low distortion, good mix of voice over music?](3)...
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