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san jose state university / spring 2010 / dsgd 106 advanced graphic design 1 / 2 7 / 1 0 P. 1 connie hwang assistant professor graphic design course objectives Advanced and diverse series of topics confronting a wide variety of situations and needs emphasizing conceptual innovation, organization, and analysis. course structure This course will include lectures, discussions, critiques, presentations, and creative work. Participation in discussion and critique is vital to the success of the class. Assignments will include researching designed artifacts, reading from textbooks, developing/creating excellent work, and giving presentations. course outcome This course will address how brands make use of the senses to extend their impact and communication with users and clients. Through a series of assignments, participants learn how strong brands promote a positive form of synesthesia. required text Emotional Design ($12) Donald A. Norman, Basic Books. ISBN 13: 978-0465051366 recommended text Designing Brand Identity ($30) Brand Apart ($50) Joe Duffy, One Club Publishing, ISBN 13: 978-0929837253 evaluation Each class exercise will be graded upon completion and assigned a letter grade according to the University policy, A through F. Late projects are subject to an F unless prior arrangements have been made (health, family emergency, etc.). Class participation (20%): Willingness to participate in class activities are mandatory and graded. Excused absences include religious holidays, a verifiable death in the immediate family or with a doctor’s note. Work ethic (30%):
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This note was uploaded on 09/08/2010 for the course DSGD 106 at San Jose State.

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dsgd106_spring2010 syllabus - san jose state university /...

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