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Philosophy 186 Sg 2010 CEO Education paper

Philosophy 186 Sg 2010 CEO Education paper - 4 Argue...

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Philosophy 186-Research Paper Giddings/Spring 2010 Due Date: Tuesday, May 11 Ethics Education and Leadership This paper will consider the educational background of, and the influence it should have had as part of the ethical standard of CEOs or CFOs of banking, financial, or other companies which were a significant part of the economic downturn. MLA 7 th edition format 6-7 pages of writing Works Cited and Works Consulted page 7 to 8 pages total 1. Research and choose a CEO or CFO from one of the companies responsible for part of the current economic downturn. 2. Research the educational background of the person. What was their major, minor? Did they attend graduate school? Which one? What discipline? 3. Research the unethical issues concerning his/her company under their influence.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Argue whether you believe their particular major/minor or graduate degree should have had a positive/ethical influence on their actions and why. Discuss their actions and how or not, their education did or did not serve them well. How did their major ‘feed’ their own moral standard? Do you think there is a link between their educational background, their decisions and their actions? 5. Suggest a theory which would have helped direct their decision-making. Discuss how this theory would have worked in the dynamic of their business and professional setting and the challenges at hand. 6. Conclude. What conclusion do you come to from your research?...
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