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GUIDELINES FOR TERM PAPER YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND: REFERENCE LIBRARIAN Phone: (408) 808-2348 email [email protected] http://libguides.sjsu.edu/psychology Website for help with format of References: http://apastyle.apa.org/ click on APA style tips 1. Length – 5 pages (title page (1 page), body (3 pages), references (1 page), double-spaced, 1 inch margins). It is not better to make it longer, points will be deducted for going over the page limit. 2. Topic - Select an issue that has made an impact on your own life. Use this personal issue only for the selection process. The purpose is so you won’t be bored by your topic (hopefully) and you might gain some insight into a personal issue. 3. Task - Critique relevant literature and theory for your subject area. Try to narrow the topic down as much as possible so you can focus carefully on a particular issue. 4. Organization Try to say what you are attempting to do in this paper as soon as possible. You might start by stating for example, “This paper will explore the impact of divorce on children.”
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