Survey - 5 Very strongly agree 9 Used intellectual...

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BUS 188 - Bus Systems and Strategy Dr. R. Sridar Informal Assessment - Students Please provide your informal feedback that will help me to tailor the delivery method to suit your needs and strengthen the quality of education at San Jose State University. Please avoid putting your name. The ratings are: 5. Very strongly agree 4. Strongly Agree 3. Agree 2. Disagree 1. Strongly Disagree N/A. No opportunity to observe/Not applicable 1. Demonstrated relevance of course content 5. Very strongly agree 2. Used assignments that enhanced learning 4. Strongly Agree 3. Summarized/emphasized important point 4. Strongly Agree 4. Was responsive to questions and comments from students. 5. Very strongly agree 5. Established an atmosphere that facilitated learning 4. Strongly Agree 6. Was approachable for assistance. 5. Very strongly agree 7. Was responsive to the diversity of students in this class. 5. Very strongly agree 8. Showed strong interest in teaching this class.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Very strongly agree 9. Used intellectual challenging assignments 5. Very strongly agree 10. Used fair grading methods. 4. Strongly Agree 11. Helped students analyze complex/abstract ideas 4. Strongly Agree 12. Provided meaningful feedback about student work 4. Strongly Agree 13. Overall, this instructor's teaching was: 3 - Somewhat effective 5 very effective 4 - Effective 3 - Somewhat effective 2 - Ineffective 1 - Very Ineffective 14. Did you complete this form without undue influence from other students? _X_Yes __ No 15. Did you complete this form without undue influence from the instructor? _X_ Yes __ No Write in comments: 1. Discuss instructor's strength in teaching- Knowing the subject very well.- Wanting to teach the students 2. Discuss areas of improvements.- Need clear communications skills- Need to Speak louder- Need to write bigger...
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Survey - 5 Very strongly agree 9 Used intellectual...

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