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ANTH13 Naja Typology Sim Typology Simulation Typology is the practice of establishing categorical distinctions within artifact classes that theoretically can lead to insights concerning the artifact and its “place’ within a culture. Typology is most frequently used with respect to prehistoric artifacts about which little context is known. For instance, arrow heads, spear points, and various types of pottery designs. In other instances typologies can be used to create sensitive chronological devices as certain traits appear or vanish over time in concert with favored styles. Consider for instance bell-bottom jeans, which emerge in the late 1960s then fade out until the early 2000’s, or the width of ties. Other times it is possible to use typological classifications to distinguish periods of change within a culture, both in terms of technology or symbolism. Typologies may also lead the investigator astray as it is not unusual for a typology to be
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