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Negative Brief (Final Debate, Concealed Weapons) I. Concealed weapons has been a major back and forth argument in the united states for many decades. Some states allow people to have concealed weapons as long as they have a permit such as Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. Other states don’t require a permit at all (Vermont). State laws concerning this issue is different everywhere you go. II. That is why we believe that This House should not allow concealed weapons. III. A key term that needs to be defined is “Concealed”. According to Webster’s Dictionary the word concealed means – “To keep secret or hidden; secrete; hide. Also the word “Weapon” is defined as – “any instrument used in fighting.” IV. Allow the concealed weapon law to take effect in every state would interfere with too many state laws already in place. Gun control should be left up to the state themselves since they are the ones who have to deal with the crime rate if it goes
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