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Studies in American Language San Jose State University Course: Expansion 2 Oral Communication Instructor: Laura Casellas Phone: 408-375-2822 Session: Summer 2005 E-mail: [email protected] Course Description: The purpose of class is to improve your speaking fluency and listening comprehension for academic and social purposes. You will have the opportunity to participate and speak in groups, to individuals and to the entire class. More specifically, some of activities will include: Oral presentations class discussions Pronunciation practice interviews with people in the community Group projects dictation practice Books and Materials: Talk it Over! Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation by Kozyrev Course Requirements Come to class on time and prepared, with all necessary materials. Participate in class activities and treat all other class members and their contributions with respect. Speak and use only English during SAL-related activities.
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Unformatted text preview: Being a successful student in an American university requires you to be: • An active listener who is able to listen to, understand and react to a variety of sources • A speaker who is able to express thoughts, reactions and opinions clearly and appropriately • An active student who is able to take control of their own learning experience and who utilizes all available sources in order to be successful Feel free to call or email me with questions or to arrange to meet with me one-on-one. I will do everything possible to make this course a successful learning experience for you. Grades Oral Presentations (individual and group) 40% Exams/Quizzes 30% Participation/Attendance 15% Homework 15% Classmate Contacts: (hint, hint) If you are absent for a class then you are responsible for finding out what you missed and coming to the next class prepared. Name Phone # E-mail...
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syllabusE2_OC - Being a successful student in an American...

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