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JS 196 e Forensic Molecular Biology I. Announcements and Assignments a. Assignments- Read Butler C 8 amd 9, Butler Ch 16, A IV&V, In10-11 b. Butler, J.M. (2003) Recent developments in Y-short tandem repeat and Y- single nucleotide polymorphism analysis. Forensic Sci. Rev. 15:91-111. c. Next time- Quality Control, Validation, Admissibility, and Training Standards II. CE Hands On Activity a. You are an STR allele b. Take a piece of colored paper-representing your fluorescent dye c. Get an assigned size from the board
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Unformatted text preview: d. Congregate at the back of the room (in the tube of deionized formamide) e. Get injected and electrophorese past Lee (Laser and Detector) f. One person will be documenting the electropherogram III. MtDNA and Y chromosome markers a. Overview of mtDNA and Y chromosome characteristics b. Brief History of the Y chromosome c. Forensic Applications d. Other applications e. Structure and Biology of the Y chromosome f. Y polymorphisms- SNPS and STRs g. Y databases...
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