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Comm 172 Assignment Directions - Assignments Comm 172...

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Assignments Comm 172 International Dr. Marquita Byrd Intercultural Communication 172 Directions for Assignments Grading Criteria and Assignment Directions Criteria for Written Documents o Writing . Written assignments will be in and out-of-class assignments, giving students practice and feedback throughout the semester. A single final term paper would not satisfy the requirement. A minimum of 3000 words of writing is required in a language and style appropriate for the discipline. (Faculty Senate) Paper Requirements Format: 1. Margins 1.25 top, bottom and left & right. 2. 12 Font, black ink, pages numbered center bottom 3. Cove page: Appropriate spacing from top to bottom and centered SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Communication Studies Department Title of Your Paper Submitted in partial fulfillment of Communication 172 Your name Instructor: Dr. Marquita L. Byrd Date Assignment Due_____ Date Assignment Turned in ________ Late papers will be docked 1 letter grade for every day they are late. No emails accepted. Criteria for Speech Organization: 1. Clear Thesis statement 2. Identifiable introduction 10-12 typed lines, body (main points in complete sentences) and conclusion 5-6 typed lines 3. Verbal citation. Included in the introduction, for each main point and one in the conclusion (which may be one already used) Delivery: 30 seconds over the limit and your grade drops one letter. This is a course in the Communication Studies Department and it is an upper G.E., therefore you are expected to be a competent speaker. 1. Volume, pitch rate appropriate for a large classroom (so that everyone can hear you and understand what you are saying). 2. Eye contact with each section of the audience 3. Posture upright and both feet planted on the floor: anything other than this will bring your grade on the speech down by one letter. 4. No hats, men or women 5. No outer wear such as coats while speaking 1 |  P a g e
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Assignments Comm 172 International 6. Use your formal language 7. MUST BE EXTEMPORANEOUS: ANY SPEAKER READING A SPEECH WILL RECEIVE AN F FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. 8. Finished product should be a speech worthy of a university student Outline: 1. Introduction 10-12 types lines including thesis sentence and one citation 2. Main points in complete sentences. A main point can be ONLY ONE sentence not a paragraph. It should be identified by a Roman numeral (I, II, III) Supporting points can be words or phrases and they are identified by capitol letters. At least one verbal citation for each main point. 3. Conclusion should be at least one paragraph 5-6 typed lines, one verbal citation 4. Bibliography: American Psychological Association or Modern Language Association. May not cite Wikipedia as a source. Cannot cite May not cite It is not a source. It is a website with information from several dictionaries and encyclopedias.
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Comm 172 Assignment Directions - Assignments Comm 172...

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