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ROSS RECL 197 course outline spring 2010

ROSS RECL 197 course outline spring 2010 - San Jose State...

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San Jose State University Instructor: Suzy Ross, PhD, CTRS, RTC Department of Hospitality, Recreation & Office Location: SPXC #52 Tourism Management Telephone Number: 408-924-3007 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays, 1-4pm or by appt. RECL 197: FACILITATION PROCESSES IN THERAPEUTIC RECREATION Mondays 3:00 - 5:45 pm PREREQUISITES : none. DESCRIPTION : Study and application of concepts and facilitation processes related to leisure education within therapeutic recreation settings. Includes instructional, leadership, counseling, and behavioral change processes utilized within clinical and community settings. LEARNING OBJECTIVES : I. To identify content areas and practice interventions related to leisure education. A. To describe models of leisure education in terms of major content areas. B. To demonstrate competence in implementing leisure education interventions in a grp setting II. To identify and practice effective techniques of education and group facilitation. A. To demonstrate the ability to present leisure education content according to principles, which promote effective learning and involvement. B. To demonstrate group leadership skills which maximize the benefits of group interaction III. To identify and practice principles and processes related to effective counseling relationships in both individual and group setting. A. To identify characteristics and conditions of effective counseling relationships, and to demonstrate skills in fostering these characteristics and conditions. C. To identify and practice techniques of effective communication within counseling relationships C. To identify stages of group development D. To demonstrate skill in utilizing leadership techniques to effectively work with various group dynamics. D. To demonstrate skills in goal setting and facilitating change within counseling relationships F. To demonstrate basic competence in working with individuals from varying cultures. G. To demonstrate basic competence in including families in therapeutic process. IV. To explore and understand major theoretical approaches and strategies related to the intervention and change: A. Values Clarification B. Cognitive approaches: cognitive distortions; cognitive-behavioral change; stress mgmt. C. Behavioral approaches: behavioral modification; self-efficacy D. Structural approaches: transactional analysis; Gestalt E. Body/mind approaches: relaxation, sensory awareness E. Nonverbal approaches: visualization and imagery; adventure/initiative; horticulture therapy; animal assisted therapy G. Creative arts modalities: music, art, psychodrama, movement H. Reality orientation: motivation; sensory stimulation; reminiscence; re-socialization I. Social skills training: assertiveness training; conflict resolution J. Ritual: personal milestones and celebrations
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COURSE READINGS : 3 REQUIRED SOURCES : (all of the below named texts must be purchased and read in order to meet minimum threshold of competency development).
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ROSS RECL 197 course outline spring 2010 - San Jose State...

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