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Unformatted text preview: ChAD 169 Perceptions of Ability Rebecca Jedel, PhD Perceptions of Ability ability: stable entity comes along with the person little can be done to alter capacities achievement: how much has been mastered relies on effort highly variable constrained only by upper limits of abilities Perceptions of Ability highly subjective by student by teacher by parent by community ?? are we truly limited at birth ?? significant implications if this is true significant implications if this is not true Covington's Self Worth Theory we all strive to maintain a sense of self-worth how does this show itself with our profiled students? Helpless Hannah Alienated Al Anxious Alma Safe Sally Self-Handicapping minimum participation false effort procrastination overstriving Stereotype Threat when students worry that they may confirm a negative stereotype about their race this vulnerability leads to performance decrements why? anxiety doesn't fully answer the question Variables Related to Stereotype Threat Jessi Smith (2004) These variables do not adequately explain performance decrements poor effort self-handicapping anxiety evaluation apprehension performance confidence stereotype endorsement perceptions of test as biased feelings about the self Stereotyped Task Engagement Process Model Smith, J. L. (2004). Understanding the process of stereotype threat: A review of mediational variables and new performance goal directions. Educational Psychology Review, 16(3), 177-206. ...
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