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Words of Advice from Spring 2004 Calculus I Students (Math 30 and Math 30P) What advice would you give to a student who asks how to best succeed in Math 19? (Math 30) Know trig! Do the homework. Focus on understanding concepts, not memorization. Go to class. Do all of your homework. (No response) (No response) Make sure you ask questions on information you don’t understand. The professors are there to help you. Study!!! Pay attention in class. Do the homework and study for tests. Study and do all of your homework. N/A Do the homework! (No response) (No response) Study and get into study groups. Do the homework and attend all classes. (Math 30P-A) (No response) N/A Do your homework, practice the problems, and attend class. (No response) Do all the homework. (No response) Do homework. Do all the homework. Do all the homework that’s assigned. Office hours (No response) Read the book and ask questions. Develop a general understanding before getting into more advanced stuff. Do the homework! Keep up with the material & homework. Always do homework. Never miss one day of class. Do good on quizzes ! (No response) Do the homework. Study hard and do all assigned homework. Do homework . Don’t miss class. Do your homework. Do all homework. Pay attention. Review lecture material. Do the homework, ask questions in class, and attend class every day. Do all the homework. Go to class. Keep up with the work. Do homework to help understand the material. (Math 30P-B) Study homework, take good notes. (No response) In order to succeed in Math 19, it is imperative that students don’t fall behind in the homework assignments. Do the homework and ask for help when you don’t understand something. Study and do your homework. Read the textbook. Don’t just memorize the formulas. Understand the concepts. Do your homework! It is vitally important to do so to pass any quizzes or tests. Don’t procrastinate! (No response) (No response) Study. Do all homework problems. Constantly review. Attend every class. Do all work and study for all tests. Don’t slack off. Do the homework. Study for exams & make sure to attend class daily, because when it’s heard from a professor, it tends to stay in the mind. Study. (No response) Keep up on homework. Even if the homework isn’t collected
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Extra_3___Words_of_Advice - Words of Advice from Spring...

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