JS 112 032210 - I. II. I. II. III. IV. JS 112-...

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JS 112- Criminalistics 032210 Activities and Assignments I. Quiz 3. II. Assignments- Review and summary sheets due Monday 04/05/10- Exam II Weds 04/07/10 a. Chapter, Guest speaker and CSI activity review assignments- i. Chapter 14, arson ppt and CSI scene activity ______________ ii. Chapter 15 and Lorna Pierce Lecture ______________ iii. Chapter 16, fingerprint ppt and fingerp. activity______________ iv. Chapter 17, firearms ppt ______________ v. Chapter 18, and Rosa Vega lecture ______________ I. Fingerprint activity 1: Complete 10 print cards and classification of prints b. Using your 10 print cards- calcaulate your total #L, A and W for your team c. Answer the following- i. Expected % are 65%L, 35%W and 5% A. Did your team meet these expectations? Did the class as a whole? ii. Name 3 potential reasons if they did not match. iii. Design an experiment to test your hypothesis. II. Fingerprint Powerpoint Continued III. Fingerprint Activity 2: Lifting a Latent on two different surfaces d. Demo on lifting a latent print with magnetic powder
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JS 112 032210 - I. II. I. II. III. IV. JS 112-...

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