Oct 8 2008 - • Demand forecasting • Demand tracking •...

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Ch6 Bus 140 10/8/08 HMWW and the DIS process o HMWW – AKA how much where and when This is a business process that needs an estimate of an activity level (AKA demand or usage) as an input to its planning activities. An Internal customer wants a reliable statement about the amounts, the timing, and the pattern of future events of interest. o DIS – AKA design of information systems Seeks to determine the best inputs to support the HMWW process internal customer and the best way to collect and process information. The inputs choices are: Intrinsic inputs use past data from within Extrinsic inputs use external data Use any combination that works best. - Demand Forecasting o Demand Related system design issues Demand forecasting categories Inputs to the capacity sizing issue (HMWW) Designing demand forecasting systems (DIS) Types of Demand inputs to the HMWW processes
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Unformatted text preview: • Demand forecasting • Demand tracking • Demand management-Three Approaches + one o Demand Forecasting – seeks to use inputs to predict what and when demand will occur o Demand Tracking – Seeks to tell management what has just happened which in turn may be used to project what will happen in the near future o Types of demand tracking tools. Naïve forecasts – Tomorrow will be like today Weighted averages Exponential Smoothing o Demand management – seeks to dissolve the problem by making demand occur in patterns more suitable to businesses capacity profile o And another way to dissolve this problem is through collaborative endeavors which try to provide superior information throughout the supply chain by having the supply chain players share their info....
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Oct 8 2008 - • Demand forecasting • Demand tracking •...

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