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Economics 1B - Principles of Microeconomics - Paper Guidelines Due: November 30, Monday---no late papers will be accepted The GE writing requirement will be satisfied by a 5-7 page paper. You will apply economic theory to a current event or policy, and describe the effects and consequences that you discover. 1. You cannot use your textbook or any other class reading material as a reference. 2. Use between 6-8 sources. (policy papers from economic think tanks like Hoover Institution, Cato Institute, Brookings Institution, Independent Institute, etc. are fine). If you need statistics or other information, the economics department website contains a list of sources. I do not want an opinion paper. I am looking for a positive economic analysis paper on one of the following topics: Minimum wage Rent control Organ shortages Unintended consequences of drug prohibition (“War on Drugs”) School vouchers (competition) as a method of improving education
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