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Fantasy and Science Fiction Final Exam Review Themes Transformations Journeys, Tests, and Triumphs Responsibilities and temptations of power Dealing with human duality, our own and others’: Goodness, Evil, Ambiguity Recognizing reality, seeing through illusion Love and Sacrifice Coming to terms with Death, our own and others’ Love, Time, and Memory Aspects of the Heroic: Warrior & Peacemaker, Artist & Storyteller, Magician & Scientist, Ruler & Rebel, Priest & Heretic Motives for achievement: Desire for challenge and excellence, curiosity, hubris, service, glory, money Dealing with the Other: Animals, Aliens, Humans, Superhumans Format for the Final Section I. Short Answer : (20 pts each, 80 points total) There will be two passages each for the four works we read/watched since the second midterm: The Time Machine , The Martian Chronicles , Harrison Bergeron (the movie), and “N-Words.” As you did on the midterm, you will select one passage from each work and discuss
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