Grading Rubric SPRING 2010 for Group Research Presentations

Grading Rubric SPRING 2010 for Group Research Presentations...

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MEASUREMENT AND EVALUATION PRESENTATION GRADING RUBRIC Developed by Craig Cisar, Ph.D., Emily Wughalter, Ed.D., and Students in Kin 175 Grading Criteria Missing 0 points Below Average 15-18 points Average 19-22 points Above Average 23-25 points Research Question(s) Vague hypothesis identification States hypotheses that are relevant and reflective of the tests conducted States a clear and descriptive hypothesis that is relevant to the test conducted and demonstrates an understanding of measurement principles 2 Tests/Variables Vague variable and tests identifiedClear tests and variables identified related to the hypotheses developed Clear and concise test variables that support the hypotheses developed Types of Scores/Units of Measurement Vague description of scores and units, lacks justification and reasoning Description of scores and units are clearly stated but the appropriate forms of measurement are lacking Each score is cleared identified; the type of score and unit of measurement are justified Criterion Score Selection Criterion score is incorrectly selected Criterion score is identified but clear explanation is lacking Criterion score is clearly identified; reasoned ideas for choice of score are provided Test Description Below average, vague, or unclear description of the test; gives the Audience only a minimal understanding of the test Basic description of test set up; provides a general understanding of the test Clear, concise, detailed description of the test set up; full understanding
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Grading Rubric SPRING 2010 for Group Research Presentations...

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