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Unformatted text preview: 3-1Costs Terms, Concepts andClassificationsChapter TwoManufacturing CostsThe ProductDirect LaborThose labor costs that can be easily traced toindividual units of Product.Learning Objective 1Direct MaterialsRaw materials that become an integral part of theproduct and that can be conveniently traceddirectly to itManufacturing OverheadManufacturing costs that cannot be traced directlyto specific units producedExamples: lndireQt labor and indirectWages paid toemployeeswho are not direcfyinvolved in productionwork,maintenancejanito:s andMaterials used to sqpportthe production process.lxempleG: lubricafltE af deleaning supplies wed in{fte eutdftohile a$$efibry1Creating WealthThe Value PropositionThe Value PropositionIn Three PaftsCommitmentr There's a difterence between interest andcommitment. When you're interested indoing something, you do it only when it'sconvenient. When you're committed tosomething, you accept no excuses; onlyresults.Creating Valuer Develop a productr Start a businessr Build a houser Create an art objectFinding....
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SlidesCreatingWealthTheValueProp.pdf - 3-1Costs Terms,...

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