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San Jose State University THE LEGACY OF ASIA Anthropology/Asia/Humanities/Religious Studies 114 Section 3 Spring 2010 Instructor: Professor Annapurna Pandey Office Location: Clark Hall 414 K Telephone: (408) 924-4725 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays 4.30pm – 6pm Class Days/Time: Mon- Wed, 1.30 – 2.45pm Classroom: Sweeney Hall 311 Prerequisites: Completion of core GE, satisfaction of Writing Skills Test, and upper division standing. For students, who begin continuous enrollment at a CCC or CSU institution in Fall 2005 or later, the completion of a 100W course is required. For these same students: “Courses to meet R, S, and V of SJSU Studies must be taken from three different departments or distinct academic units” (University policy). GE/SJSU Studies Category: SJSU Studies Area V (Culture, Civilization and Global Understanding). It is cross-listed with the following departments and programs: HUM, RELS, ASIA, and ANTH. Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging: Course Description “Interdisciplinary focus on continuity and change in China and India as these ancient civilizations responded to challenges throughout their history” (SJSU Catalog). Our goals in this course are to know some major aspects of these two great civilizations, to compare them to one another, and to show how they have interacted with each other, and, in modern times, with the West. It is also to ask: In what ways and with what success have these Asian civilizations coped with major problems common to all civilizations, including American civilization? Among such problems, those connected with "modernization” and globalization is featured. By comparing their approaches to these Course Name, Number, Semester, and Year Page 1 of 12
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problems with American approaches, we hope to understand the significance and implications of our own decisions and the cultural contexts in which they occur. The course will finally address the question concerning the role that China and India may choose to play in the new world order. SJSU Studies Objective CULTURE, CIVILIZATION, & GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING (Advanced GE, Area V) AREA “V” GE LEARNING OBJECTIVES (GELOs) The academic skills students should develop in this course include the research and cultural analysis skills; the ability to see the significance of historical background contexts for understanding modern developments from 19th century colonialism to current events; the capacity to appreciate the diversity of religious, political, and other perspectives in the world today and historically; and the competency to express in writing your own views on cultural differences and the historical reasons for their existences. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
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RELS-HUM-ASIA 114_Pandey - San Jose State University THE...

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