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Acoustic Sound Pressure HEIN

Acoustic Sound Pressure HEIN - Acoustics Sound Pressure...

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Acoustics Sound Pressure Measurement Professor Ananda Mysore ME120 Experimental Methods Abstract In an anechoic chamber, sound waves cannot be reflected from the internal walls of a room. This allows for optimized testing of acoustics produced from different types of
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equipment. This type of testing is needed to measure frequencies that may cause damage to important electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers, lighting, and even aircraft electronics. In this experiment the signal-to-noise ratio ranged from 1.58 to 2.78 for a large fan and 1.74 to 2.32 for a small fan . Background and Objectives Sound is a vibration that travels through an elastic medium as a wave. These waves can be described by the properties such as frequency, period, wavelength, amplitude, and speed. In an anechoic chamber, sound waves are suppressed from the outside and inside of the room, excluding the noise that the equipment tested is producing. The student was able to use an instrument that measured the sound levels of fan modules in the chamber.
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