Midterm2009 - .,*l &'^ea1a Pn'c te"1-15 @o)s'+...

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.,,*l &'^ea1a Pn'c te"1-15 @o)s'+ 54Cr)r 3ooCr) + ioo(q) *ze1r1 = 'l2i'1 { t:lS:flQi*'= Lco (tooo) r 30 Ctzcrol tZoa(fooo) + qooo ()tl- tzsoo f ioo(vtoo, fao+ I +. /tn cGv*^fic t/\ 1r'ic-c I evc' ( T*rr* A) ' 7=Y*,,= c.ooltzTzsl d,rcz.l e-<ct*rc< .*le Yg -') e - Z,tgbr€ooft il;" b) T;'--i"l';' [uov) .:J,, \t.5c361 = . oot4l L1z3t (6oooY\ = I c\ \>^sKel ol W6 Vg":rft'sfTt,) Lcl cwvr.e'r,t'l an idcrthral yrtre qs o\ fio'5 3-l 'oX ',tuwil"tw' fl,act+s FJrvrt'^ *4v_ [gzvv I OP €xctwnc6< i irr. Jvris oLs-z t'I fuzs v\of \1€\ d tyve . G6y56livt<- '6 vMu<- €XlteznsN( r)t Japnrr of [ 8 ,5G ar.r\ a,.bi{oy ^-1 oir.;,ra C ) A b:atr^rc frv ct.e's rv'1 lo.ue-z ,^i; t\ 7 =Y. -" 4" c) \,re c\*, Vva"ve lltr/tah^.s Srn^^ h^. Laru crl o{( prl", *-r'rrr A?PP c{ve J€ "o iunrrtyoe;\ I }z'rr< 1". c*t^",,wfu7i3|.c5 , A",&tr y-,t,fi",5 We holve vio[rt{-i''w\ -\rc€<)atYl\ I &u.**l
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Qz hto"*ho'tt ffiwan -" % = 3oO u,.^yrn t I = 25 *n, t Zo- ICBP) --lrs{ ff--,t'A 6u= Ls% ( L,r-Lo\-- (rvry7) r"'- rF fufia"io
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Midterm2009 - .,*l &amp;'^ea1a Pn'c te&quot;1-15 @o)s'+...

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