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MMA Story - Jujitsu and kickboxing/boxing are the dominant...

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MMA (mixed martial arts) is the fasted growing sport in the United States right now. The growth of the sport has allowed for new markets to emerge. Included in this market is fight gear, clothing made for fighters and their fans. Five years ago this market hardly existed (as the sport was in its growing stage), in 2007 the fight gear market share leader “ Tap Out”, earned over $100 million. In MMA the fights are concluded in 1 of 3 ways, one of the fighters taps out, gets knocked out or the fight goes to a judges decision.
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Unformatted text preview: Jujitsu and kickboxing/boxing are the dominant fighting styles that MMA fighters specialize in. Jujitsu fighters tend to tap out their opponents and the kickboxing/boxing fighters tend to go for the knockout. A few fighters are capable of doing both. As of now like most fighting contest, in MMA fans yearn to see a knockout. Yet there is no gear to represent the fighters and the fans who favor knockouts. In fact fighter who are notoriously known for knocking out opponents still where Tap out....
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