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Questions for Metamorphoses

Questions for Metamorphoses - just best lines for any...

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Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses , questions #1 Please read the play and be ready to discuss these by Tuesday 2 Feb. Hint: If you actually write out the answers, you will thank yourself when it comes time to study for the midterm and final. 1. Consider how Joseph Campbell’s ideas about the uses of mythology relate to the presentation of myths in this play, for a contemporary American audience. For example, how is the second function related to the opening myth, the creation of the world? (Discuss all four functions). 2. What are some of the most lyrical passages, nice turns of phrase, or
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Unformatted text preview: just best lines for any reason? 3. In the Phaeton story, does the therapist seem to be speaking more to us (the audience) than Phaeton? Is this a parody or mockery of therapists, or is there some important point the author might be making in these highly technical passages? 4. Throughout the play there are deliberate anachronisms. Is this funny or annoying to you? Does it help make the myths “relevant” to our times? Be specific. In class, we will be reading a few scenes, so focus on these: The Creation, Midas, Phaeton, Orpheus and Eurydice...
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