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English 1B Profile Outline Introduction: profile of my father, an immigrant Body 1- Personal narrative: My father, Houshang Vala, was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. He moved out of Iran in 1980. Body 2- Physical description: tan, black/grey hair, fully bald, average height, appears younger than his age, well built upper body, big forearms and calves, thick facial hair Body 3- He was married and his first born son, my older brother, in Tehran, Iran in 1978. Because of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, he wanted to leave the country to provide a
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Unformatted text preview: better and safer environment for his family. Initially, in 1980, he moved to Nice, France where he got a job working for his uncle’s travel agency. My family lived in France for about 3 years. Then he brought the family to America in 1982. Personal Quotation: “If you work hard, you can accomplish anything.” Alternative point of view-Conclusion- My father has been the greatest influence of my life. I have learned tremendously from his past experiences, as well as his experiences in life since I have been alive....
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