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Unformatted text preview: Out come evaluat ion For m follows funct ion. Audience Dr iven: St akeholder s, L egislat or s, Over head agencies Ext er nal account abilit y agencies Do we want an out come evaluat ion or a pr ogr am audit ? Dat a dr iven agencies. Basing decisions on r ealit y. Set t ing goals in t er ms of t he possible Develop indicat or s and measur es (r ubr ics of success) Positive feedback support Conversion Process (within-puts) Outputs Programs Polices demands Negative feedback Theoretical goals Prg. Goal 1 Prg Function Prg Goal N Prg Function Prg Function G1 Reduce Use of I llicit Dr ugs G2 Assist offender s in becoming dr ug fr ee T 1 Reduce use of illegal dr ugs by alt er nat ive just ice syst em appr oach F1 Coor dinat e and Assess Tr eat ment placement s G1-G2 F2 Alt er nat e G3 Reduce Sent encing St r ain on I nit iat ive Cour t Syst em G1-G2 I1 Recidivism r at es F 1 F 2 I2 Par t icipant s abilit y t o r emain dr ug fr ee F1 F2 I3 Client per cept ions F 1 F 3 I4 Pr ovider Per cept ions: Judges ot her st akeholder s F 1 F 3 I5 M 1Time ser ies analysis of cr iminal r ecor ds I1 M 2 Aft er -t r eat ment t r acking I2 M 3 Client sur vey I3 M 4 Sur vey of St akeholder s I4 M 5 Cost effect iveness st udy of diver sion v. t r adit ional appr oach I5 Validit y Thr eat t o Validit y ...
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