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WOMS10 online FAQ - The Winter WOMS10 Online FAQ(Frequently...

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The Winter WOMS10 Online FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Prof. Susana Gallardo Is this course completely online? Do I need to come to campus? The entire course (video lectures, tutorials, discussion, worksheets) is online except for four one- hour films which MUST be viewed at the IRC on campus. The day’s lecture and assignments are posted daily, and you may access the course material 24/7. The only time-limited access restriction is for exams (see below). How do I login? Go to http://sjsu6.blackboard.com / and login with your 9-digit student ID and the password winter ” (no quotes). You will be prompted to change your password to something you will remember. Click on WOMS10 to enter our “classroom.” What about books? There are no required books for the course. There is a required course reader which is available Monday, January 4 from San Jose Copy, 124 E. Santa Clara (@Fourth, one block northwest of MLK Library), (408) 297-6698. Hours are generally 9 to 5, cash and personal checks only. What computer resources do I need? 1. Computer. You MUST have regular access to a computer in order to access the course at http://sjsu6.blackboard.com. 2. Browser. You should probably stick with a mainstream Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
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