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Unformatted text preview: Karen Johnson Mike Leinwohl Meagan Haney Maria Loza Vanessa Krause Ashley Lancaster Briana Pang 02.24.2010 Psyc 165 Exam 1 Review: group 4 According to behaviorists Miller and Dollard, imitation is an important part of early development. However, imitation can contribute to the formation of maladaptive behaviors. For example, a child observing a parent who is consistently anxious about medical examinations can influence the child's perceptions about doctors visits. The child's anxiety may be reinforced by the anxious parent with reassurances about the appropriateness of their anxiety by giving the child extra attention just prior to a medical exam. Another example of how imitation may produce maladaptive behavior is through aggression. A child who witnesses parents' aggressive behaviors, such as yelling or using abusive language towards each other, may view those behaviors as appropriate problem solving skills. These behaviors may be reinforced by an angry parent who rewards a child's aggressive behavior with an aggressive response coupled with more attention than the child might otherwise get for more socially acceptable behaviors. Sheila 2/24/10 6:55 PM Comment: Is this imitation? What is the parent doing that indicates to you that she/he is anxious? Couldn't it just be seen as reinforcing the child's anxiety? Sheila 2/24/10 6:56 PM Comment: Better example ...
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