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Guidelines for Identification Audiometry The following revision of the 1974 Guidelines for Identification Audiometry was developed by the Committee on Audiologic Evaluation in compliance with the Committee's charge to periodically review and revise existing ASHA guidelines. The Executive Board of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) approved a draft of this paper for publication in Asha, February 1984, for widespread peer review. The present document includes revisions based on members' comments received in response to the February 1984 published draft and was formally adopted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association through its Legislative Council in November 1984 (LC 26-84). This revision now replaces the 1974 publication. Members of the Committee on Audiologic Evaluation included Martin S. Robinette (Chair), Robert H. Brey. J. Michael Dennis. Judy R. Dubno. Earleen Elkins, Sandra Gabriel. Douglas P. Noffsinger, Polly E. Patrick, Gerald R. Popelka, Janet E. Shanks, Michael Valente. and Peggy S. Williams (ex officio). Contributions of Hughlett L. Morris, Vice President for Clinical Affairs, 1982-84, are also acknowledged. WHEREAS, there has been a charge to the Committee on Audiologic Evaluation to establish guidelines for clinical procedure, and WHEREAS, guidelines titled "Guidelines for Identification Audiometry" were adopted in LC 21-74, and WHEREAS, the Committee on Audiological Evaluation has been charged to monitor and, when appropriate, suggest revisions in existing guidelines, and WHEREAS, information about identification audiometry has changed since 1974, and WHEREAS, the Committee on Audiologic Evaluation has incorporated in the revised Guidelines for Identification Audiometry solicited comments from individuals involved in conducting identification programs, and WHEREAS, the entire membership of the Association has had an opportunity to comment on the proposed revised Guidelines (Asha. February 1984), and WHEREAS, the committee has prepared a final document which incorporates the suggestions of the membership; therefore RESOLVED, That the revised "Guidelines for Identification Audiometry" be adopted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association; and further RESOLVED. That notification of the availability of the Guidelines for Identification Audiometry be published in Asha and that the Guidelines be disseminated to appropriate local, state, and federal education officials. This revised set of "Guidelines for Identification Audiometry," developed by the Committee on Audiologic Evaluation, replaces the original paper of the same title published in 1974. All ASHA guidelines present a recommended set of procedures based on existing clinical practice and research findings. The spirit of these guidelines is not to mandate a single way of accomplishing the clinical process: rather the intent is to suggest standard procedures that, in the final analysis, will benefit the persons we serve. The intention is to improve interclinician and
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Guidelines_for_Identification_Audiometry_1 - Guidelines for...

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