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San Jose State University Fall 2009 ANTH 13 Introduction to Archaeology 22717 Tues/Thurs 9:00-10:15 WSQ 004 Final Exam: May 25, 7:15-9:30 Dr. Marco Meniketti Department of Anthropology Office: 404N Clark Hall Office hours: T/Th 3:00-5:30 or by appointment. [email protected] 924-5787 This course is an introduction to the science of archaeology and explores the theoretical and practical foundations of archaeological research. Basic application of various field methodologies will be addressed to familiarize students with how data is collected and interpreted. Techniques and procedures fundamental to inquiry in archaeology are stressed, as are legal and ethical considerations of archaeological practice. We will use case studies, simulations, hands-on problem based inquiry, selected readings and discussion to develop a practical repertoire of methods for the recovery and interpretation of the archaeological record. . The course has been constructed around Units having specific content emphasis. These are designed to form core themes for scaffolding learning objectives. Students should anticipate and schedule six hours weekly for readings and related assignments in support of the learning objectives. Texts: Discovering Our Past 5 th edition, Ashmore and Sharer. McGraw Hill Publishing, 2009. Annual Editions: Archaeology 9 th edition, 2009. Additional readings, updates and assignments and various announcements will be available for download from the website established for this course. Lectures are an important aspect of instruction. Material not covered in the readings or text, videos, and supplementary information are provided during lectures which cannot adequately be made up. It is therefore essential that students make every effort to attend class for a more comprehensive learning experience. I do not grade attendance, however, we do hands-on and group activities in class that can not be made up, which count in your overall participation grade. Objectives Broad understanding critical issues in archaeological theory, and problems surrounding collection of evidence. Knowledge of specific methods and techniques of field archaeology. General knowledge of theoretical frameworks in the field of archaeology. Knowledge of remote sensing technology and GIS procedures and applications in varied contexts. Basic understanding of site formation processes, and how these generate the archaeological record. Analysis of artifact categories and typology in context of material culture theory. Awareness of the different types of archaeology and applications. ANTH13
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San Jose State University Fall 2009 Outcomes: Students will develop critical thinking skills in assessing behavioral/environmental evidence as applied in archaeology. Students will develop research skills and methods of inquiry using documentary sources.
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ANTH13 SP10 - San Jose State University Fall 2009 ANTH 13...

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