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Final Review Guide Comm 40 2010

Final Review Guide Comm 40 2010 - What are the different...

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Final Review Guide Comm. 40 The final exam will cover the chapters following the midterm. Here are some questions to guide you as you study. Verlinden Chapter 11 What is refutation? What are the differences between direct and indirect refutation? What are the different ways to directly refute someone? What are the ways to indirectly refute someone? Verlinden Chapter 14 What is a dyad? What is dyadic argumentation? What are the different types of supportive and threatening communication climates? Crossman Chapter 4 What is the difference between a Lincoln-Douglas debate and Parliamentary debate?
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Unformatted text preview: What are the different roles in a parliamentary debate? What does each do? What are constructive speeches and rebuttal speeches? What are the purposes of these speeches? Crossman Chapter 6 What are the different stock issues for propositions of fact and value? What are some of the opposition strategies for arguing these propositions? Crossman Chapter 7 What are the stock issues for a proposition of policy? How can you argue for the opposition on a proposition of policy?...
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