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san jose state university / spring 2010 / dsgd 99 introduction to typography 1 / 2 7 / 1 0 P. 1 connie hwang assistant professor graphic design course objectives Study and demonstration of letterforms and fundamental typographic principles. Emphasis on the vocabulary of typographic form and its relationship to message/purpose. course structure This course will include lectures, discussions, critiques, presentations and creative work. Participation in discussion and critique is vital to the success of the class. Assignments will include researching designed artifacts, reading from textbooks, developing/creating typographical work, and giving presentations. course outcome Students will develop typographic thinking by drawing letterforms in class, working with word, text, and grid, researching type history and specimen. The course provides thorough investigation in the readability and legibility of type, as well as what effect type has on the reader. required text Ellen Lupton, Princeton Architecture Press. ISBN: 1-56898-448-0 The Elements of Typographic Style ($20) Robert Bringhurst, Hartley and Marks Publishers. ISBN: 0-88179-206-3 prerequisites Art 12, Art 14, Art 24, DSGD 83, (industrial design majors may substitute DSID 21 for Art 14, and DSID 22 for DSGD 83; interior design majors may substitute Art 13 for Art 12). evaluation Each class exercise will be graded upon completion and assigned a letter grade according to the University policy, A through F. Late projects are subject to an F unless prior arrangements have been made (health, family emergency, etc.). Class participation (20%): Willingness to participate in class activities are mandatory and graded. Excused absences include religious holidays, a verifiable death in the immediate family or with a doctor’s note. Work ethic (30%):
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dsgd99_spring2010 syllabus - san jose state university /...

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